It's National Ice Cream Month! Here are 8 Recipes To Try

It could be true that ice cream is everyone’s favorite dessert - and for good reason. This sweet concoction has all the makings of the perfect treat for any occasion and no matter what the weather. Ice cream also brings back great memories of your childhood and of course you have so many options when it comes to flavor, the choices are endless!

But you don’t have to limit yourself to what’s in store because you can create your own frozen delight with these 8 easy recipes:

1. Ube Ice Cream
Ube Ice Cream
Photo Credit: Simply Bakings

Everyone’s going crazy about everything ube these days, so why not use it to make your very own homemade ube ice cream! This recipe consists of only 5 ingredients and doesn’t require any ice cream machine to make. You can also use this ube ice cream for your halo-halo and other desserts.

2. “Dirty” Ice Cream
Dirty Ice Cream
Photo Credit: Food.com

“Mamang sorbetero” is part of every Filipino’s childhood because of the popular “dirty” aspect to this ice cream. But there’s nothing dirty about this classic recipe, especially when you make it at home. Kids can enjoy this favorite in their Thermos® Disney Frozen Food Jar or Disney-Pixar Cars Food Jar while keeping it chilled to the last mouthful and their hands dry with the Food Jar’s zero-condensation exterior. 

3. Mango Coconut Ice Cream
Mango Coconut Ice Cream

Nothing spells tropical more than mango and coconut. Let’s turn these two classic ingredients into an ice cream that everyone will surely love! Mix together a few classic ice cream ingredients, add sweet mangoes and finish off with coconut flakes for this must-try recipe.

4. Avocado Ice Candy
Avocado Ice cream
Photo Credit: Healthy World Cuisine

If you want to go full on Filipino with your dessert, turn your traditional avocado ice cream recipe into the delectable avocado ice candy that kids will surely love, especially during the summer.

5. Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream
Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

Known for its unique flavor, matcha is used in various drinks and desserts all over the world. But if you find the pre-made ones in the supermarket expensive, you can actually make your own matcha green tea ice cream at home using only a few ingredients.

6. Tres leches Ice Cream
Tres Leches Ice Cream
Tres leches means “three milks”, and is a favorite Spanish dessert for its sweet and decadent flavor. So, just imagine turning this classic dessert into your favorite ice cream. Give this recipe a try and wow your guests with an ice cream that’s loaded with all the goodness you’ll ever need in a perfect dessert.

7. Halo-halo Ice Cream
Halo Halo Ice Cream
Photo Credit: The Little Epicurean

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the all-time Filipino favorite treat, halo-halo. In this recipe, you have the freedom to put the ingredients you love in your own halo-halo shaved ice sundae. Get the full recipe here and put your own halo-halo in your Thermos® Food Jar for the extra freshness.

8. Homemade Ice Cream
Homemade Ice Cream

Making good ice cream doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, you only need at least three ingredients to get things started. You can then add your own twist to make your ice cream the way you want it to be. Here’s the simple recipe to try.

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