7 Weekend Filipino Activities That Will Keep the Family Busy

The weekend means enjoying some downtime with the family. And with a few long weekends in the Filipino calendar each year, you can always plan for exciting activities for your family to enjoy. Here are 7 suggestions that everyone can look forward to:

1. Family Picnic

Spending time outside is a great and inexpensive stress reliever after a busy week. A dose of vitamin D from the sun is also known to improve mood, reduce anxiety and stress levels, beneficial for all family members. So, pack your favorite snacks or meals into Thermos® Lunch Totes to keep your food fresh and head for a family picnic to the nearest park in your area. Be sure to bring toys for the kids, sunscreen and lots of games to play.

2. Beach Getaway

Being an archipelago, the Philippines is blessed with countless pristine white sand beaches and crystal blue clear waters. Whether you just want to relax and admire the beautiful sunset or indulge in adventure, ourPhilippine beaches have it all. Kids can swim, jump over the waves, play in the sand and build sandcastles. But, do not forget to bring the Thermos® One-Push Tumblers to keep the family hydrated in the summer heat.

3. Hiking

A family who hikes together stays together! Hiking is not only an excellent way to encourage the family to stay active but also a great routine to strengthen their bond. Other than a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery, hiking also helps develop a child’s agility and balance. Check out some popular hikes here.

4. Fishing

Fishing with the family creates not only fun but a special bond that creates memories. The scenery, the water and the fresh air are perfect elements to temporarily forget about the busy world and create happy moments. Fishing also helps kids acquire new skills, patience and self-confidence, even making their own rod. Prepare the bait, cast out, and if you are lucky, you or the kids will hook a fish. 

5. Go Malling

Head to your favorite shopping mall during rainy weekends to shop, dine and play. Modern shopping malls in the Philippines are designed with family-friendly amenities while ensuring safety for families to create and share special moments.

6. Cooking

Cooking together is a fun activity where you can teach and share family recipes to hand down to the next generation. And did you know that cooking and sharing a meal can have positive effects on child development? Check this Granola Bowl recipe for that healthy option.

7. Culture and History

The Philippines has an incredibly rich history. That’s why museums and galleries are great venues for weekend family time. Bringing your family to these places will enable them to understand more about the country’s history and culture while at the same time inspiring them with the country’s journey to freedom.


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