Beverages Beverages

There are tonnes of tasty ways to ensure your hydration level is kept at its optimum. Be it a simple, fruit-infused water, an indulgent serving of milk tea, or even a healthy vegetable shake – there’s something for everyone!

Greens Greens

We’ve all been told as children to eat our greens. Here are some recipes to ensure your body gets exactly what it needs while you enjoy every bite of it. Healthy dishes no longer have to be boring!

Sides Sides

Side dishes are as important as mains. Complete a knock-out meal with these delicious and easy to make side dish recipes – a great way to charm your guests and tantalise their appetites!

Meat Meat

Calling all meat lovers! These recipes give you tender, juicy and flavourful meals with satisfaction packed in every bite!

Rice & Pasta Rice & Pasta

For all of you carb-lovers, these food staples are here to stay! Turn your usual plain rice or pasta meals into something worth looking forward to at the end of the day.

Soups Soups

Whether you enjoy a rich, creamy soup or a clear yet hearty variety, there is no denying that a good bowl of soup can be very comforting indeed. A piping hot bowl of soup could just be the thing to set your day right!

Desserts Desserts

A steaming, hot pudding on a rainy evening? Or a refreshing blast of something sweet and cold on a sizzling hot day? Find a variety of tantalizing treats here! Some of these might take some time to make, but they’re definitely worth the effort… and probably easier with Thermos®!