Do You Love White Rice? These 8 Dishes Make for the Perfect Pairing
No Filipino meal is complete without white rice. In fact, the average Filipino consumes more than 118 kilograms of rice every year. But while white rice is already a staple at every Filipino table, you can spice things up with these 8 simple dishes that elevate white rice to a...

It's National Ice Cream Month! Here are 8 Recipes To Try

Jul 13, 2021

It could be true that ice cream is everyone’s favorite dessert - and for good reason. This sweet concoction has all the makings of the perfect treat for any occasion and no matter what the weather.

7 Must-Try Recipes for Your Big Family Using the Thermos® Shuttle Chef®

May 24, 2021

Thinking about what to cook for your big family can not only get overwhelming, but time consuming too. However, there is a way to make cooking meals a breeze with these seven delicious and easy recipes using the Thermos® Shuttle Chef®.1. The Filipino StewPhoto credit: allrecipes.comChicken afritada has always been our Filipino...

6 Tips to Kickstart and Maintain Your Own Herb Garden

Apr 20, 2021

Adding fresh herbs to your dishes can spell the difference between bland and flavourful meals. But more than making food more delicious, herbs also add that comforting aroma when you grow them in your home.

6 Halo-Halo Variations to Whip Up at Home

Mar 22, 2021

You can’t talk about Filipino cuisine without mentioning one of its most popular desserts, halo-halo. The name that means mixed or mixture has been a favorite dessert and refreshment not only for its vibrant mix of flavours but also for its eye-catching combination of colours.