7 Easy Recipes to Treat Your Dog Intro

Spoil your dog with these 7 canine-friendly recipes!

Your furry friend is a huge part of your life, so what better way to treat your beloved doggy than spoiling him or her with home cooked food! Here are 7 easy recipes to make.

1. Slow cooker beef dog food
7 Easy Recipes to Treat Your Dog 1
Photo Credit: 12 Tomatoes

Has your pet had enough of that dry dog food you’ve been feeding it? Try this easy slow cooker dog food that’s delicious and packed with lots of nutrients to give your pet a health boost.

The best part is that you can replace the slow cooker with a Thermos® Shuttle Chef® and leave it to cook overnight or at least 6 to 8 hours, for your pet to enjoy anytime.

2. Homemade chicken dog food
7 Easy Recipes to Treat Your Dog 2
Photo Credit: My Recipes

If your pet prefers chicken, you can try this healthy homemade chicken dog food recipe that’s loaded with lean protein and vegetables for your pet to enjoy. It even uses cooked oats instead of the usual corn to make this food more appetising for your pooch.

3. Doggy meatloaf
7 Easy Recipes to Treat Your Dog 3
Photo Credit: All Recipes

What better way to celebrate adoration for your pets than a delicious doggy meatloaf? Combining lean ground beef with fruits and vegetables, this recipe is everything you would want to feed your dog on this special day.

Tip: Make a big batch that your pet can enjoy over the next couple of days.

4. Beef bone broth
7 Easy Recipes to Treat Your Dog 4
Photo Credit: Their Heirloom Pantry

Bone broth has been gaining a lot of interest among health buffs because it’s not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. But did you know that you can also feed this nutritious recipe to your pet?

This bone broth recipe is very easy to follow and you can make it in bulk. This means you can feed it to your pets for a long time since it’s loaded with the nutrients their body needs.

5. Beef stew for dogs
7 Easy Recipes to Treat Your Dog 5

Who doesn’t love beef stew anyway? This dog-friendly version uses the same meat and vegetables as the classic beef stew fit for humans.

If you notice that they don’t eat as much when fed wet commercial dog food, make this recipe to help them improve their appetite. This homemade dish is also a more cost-effective alternative to the commercial options which can get quite expensive.

6. Dog cake
7 Easy Recipes to Treat Your Dog 6
Photo Credit: Love From The Oven

Is your dog celebrating its birthday soon? Throw a party and make sure you have the perfect homemade cake by following this easy recipe.

Spoil your dog with this rich, gooey cake made with ingredients like pumpkin and peanut butter and topped with frosting and sweet treats that your pet will adore.

7. Peanut butter dog treats
7 Easy Recipes to Treat Your Dog 7
Photo Credit: The Cookie Rookie

Peanut butter is always a good idea for us humans, and pets love it too. So, why not switch from your old commercial dog snacks to these homemade peanut butter dog treats?

The smell of these treats baking in the oven will make your pets drool—and maybe you too—and you can store these treats in the Thermos® Food Jar to make them last longer.

No matter what meal of the day, you can always spoil your dog now and then by preparing them some delicious meals and treats.

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