10 Filipino Christmas Dishes with a Twist

You can’t talk about Christmas without mentioning great food. In fact, it’s the dinner table that brings everyone together during the festive season. So, if you’re already planning your feast this year, here are 10 classic Filipino dishes with a twist:

1. Lumpiang shanghai with mango sriracha sauce
Lumpiang shanghai with mango sriracha sauce
Photo Credit: Pepper

Serve this classic Filipino egg roll as an appetizer to get everyone’s mouths watering. Don’t forget to keep a cold drink close in your Thermos® One-Push Tumbler to cool down after eating these delicious egg-filled rolls that give you a tangy, sweet and spicy mango sriracha sauce. Get the recipe here.

2. Bibingka-style pancake
Bibingka style pancake
Photo Credit: Clari Says

Does your family get together over breakfast? Turn your classic bibingka into a savory breakfast pancake dish and add an American twist! Find the full recipe here.

3. Morcon
Photo Credit: Panlasang Pinoy

A dinner staple, morcon is usually served at Christmas and New Year because its round shape is believed to bring prosperity. This recipe elevates the classic by using flank steak, which adds more dimension to the dish.

4. Roast chicken
Roast chicken
Photo Credit: Kawaling Pinoy

If your family loves roast chicken, surprise them with this relleno chicken recipe that adds a Spanish flair to your Filipino favorite. You can’t go wrong with this combo of flavors in your classic roast chicken with a unique twist in the form of relleno. This recipe will give this familiar dish a new, exciting angle for all the family to enjoy.

5. Filipino-style spaghetti
Filipino style spaghetti
Photo Credit: Kawaling Pinoy

No celebration is complete without everyone’s favorite Filipino-style spaghetti that’s sweet and savory, making it perfect for lunch, dinner or even snacks. Replace the 1-hour simmering process by allowing the Thermos® Shuttle Chef® to cook your meal for at least 2 hours. Give this recipe a try.

6. Seafood paella
Seafood paella
Photo Credit: Create with Cream

Who doesn’t crave seafood paella anyway? One of the biggest influences from the Spanish is our love for food, in particular seafood, rice and spices. This paella draws inspiration from the abundance of seafood in the Philippine seas, and it makes for an amazing Christmas dinner to share with family and friends.

Cook your seafood paella dish in the Thermos® Shuttle Chef® by leaving it heated in the outer pot for at least 40 minutes. Check out the recipe here. You may also portion out to keep it warm and store it in the Thermos® Food Jar

7. Chicken macaroni salad
Chicken macaroni salad
Photo Credit: Pilipinas Recipes

Serve chicken macaroni salad as an appetizer or dessert during Christmas feasts. Now you can add your own twist to your Mom’s recipe by adding condensed milk! Get the recipe here.

8. Buko pandan salad
Buko pandan salad
Photo Credit: Salu Salos Recipes

Combine young coconut meat, sweet milk and pandan-flavored gelatin to make this sweet Filipino dessert that completes every Christmas meal. Get the full recipe here.

9. Graham tiramisu
Graham tiramisu
Photo Credit: The Not So Creative Cook

To cap off a perfect Christmas meal, you can try this Graham tiramisu that uses graham cake layered with a coffee and mascarpone cream mixture. Make this dessert ahead of time and chill it in the fridge to serve for later. Here’s the full recipe.

10. Leche coffee flan
Leche coffee flan

If you’re a coffee lover, why not incorporate coffee into your flan dessert? This recipe balances the sweetness with some bitter notes, bringing the perfect end to an amazing Christmas meal with family and friends.

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