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5 Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained (While the Adults Party)

The holiday season is upon us, and that means that it's time to start planning those festive gatherings. While adults may have their party ideas sorted, ensuring the little ones are equally entertained can be a challenge. Here are five fantastic ways to ensure that children have just as much fun as their parents at Christmas and New Year's parties.

1. Set up an arts and crafts table

Unleash your little one's creativity with some arts and crafts! Set up a designated area with a table, paper, crayons, markers and a variety of other materials that sparks imagination. A crafts table offers endless opportunities for children to explore their artistic talents. 

Kids have a natural affinity for hands-on activities, and engaging in arts and crafts provides them with a way to express themselves while nurturing their inherent curiosity. Have their Thermos ® One-Push Tumbler at the ready as they are sure to get thirsty from all that hands-on work!

2. Create a storytelling circle

Gather the kids around and have each one of them take turns telling a story. They can read from a favorite storybook or from a small selection of books that you and your kids picked beforehand. Make it more engaging by turning it into an interactive activity. For example, each child can take turns adding a sentence or two to help build a unique ‘living’ tale that they can all enjoy.

3. Set up a Nintendo Switch couch party

Set up a cozy gaming zone with cushions and blankets and let the kids dive into the world of gaming. The Nintendo Switch™ offers a wide variety of games that can be both fun and kid-friendly. Some games highlight the benefits of teamwork while others promote friendly competition. This handheld console is one of the easiest ways to bring out the gamers in your little ones; just make sure that every child in the group gets an opportunity to play! 

4. Have a kiddie movie corner

With plenty of streaming platforms to choose from, you can easily entertain children with a movie or two. A single movie can run up to 90 minutes, giving you plenty of time to focus on your own festivities. In fact, you can even cook up some movie-snack pairings using the options here

Transform a corner into a mini-theater, complete with pillows and blankets and some popcorn for a full cinematic experience. Be sure to pick age-appropriate movies and don’t forget to turn on the parental lock!

5. Engage a professional

Sometimes, nothing beats enlisting the help of a professional babysitter or party entertainer. Having someone handle the heavy lifting for you frees up bandwidth that you can put towards ensuring that your guests stay well-entertained. Babysitters come armed with a treasure trove of games, activities, stories and most importantly, experience, to keep little ones entertained and happy. For larger gatherings, entertainers like magicians, balloon sculptors, or face painters may be a more suitable choice.  


With these awesome entertainment ideas, you can rest easy knowing that the kids are having a blast while you party the night away over the festive season. Whether they're crafting, listening to captivating stories, gaming, watching movies, or under the watchful eye of a professional babysitter, they're sure to have an enjoyable time. So, go ahead and have your fun and know that the little ones are having fun too!


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