Don’t Know What to Do with Leftovers? Try These 7 Recipes

What can you expect after a dinner feast or throwing a party at home? Some leftovers, of course! In fact, it wouldn’t be a quintessential Filipino celebration without the much-coveted leftovers. But there’s actually more to these foods than just being reheated or re-fried. Here are 7 recipes that bring new life to your leftovers.

1. Fried rice with lechon
Photo Credit: Ang Sarap

What’s a Filipino party without the classic lechon? Now, if you were smart enough to set aside some slices of this delicious fire-roasted pork, turn it into a hearty breakfast with this fried rice with lechon recipe that will be a winner the next morning. Enjoy it with your morning coffee kept hot in the Thermos® Mug with Handle and Lid.

2. Lechon, mustasa and kamatis salad a la marketman
Photo Credit: Market Manila

After all that binge-eating, you probably want to take the healthier route over the next few meals. This vegetable salad made with local ingredients like tomatoes and mustard leaves drizzled with a bagoong-lime dressing is just what the health kick ordered. But you can also top it off with your re-fried leftover lechon for some crunch. Here’s the recipe.

3. Garlic fried rice
Photo Credit: The Foodie Takes Flight

There’s no such thing as too much rice at a Filipino party, so you can expect a lot of leftovers the day after. Why not turn that extra rice into something delicious to pair with your other leftovers? “Sinangag” or garlic fried rice is a Filipino favorite, and you can see it served in almost every Filipino restaurant and household. Pair it with “tocino” for breakfast, “adobo” for lunch and “kaldereta” for dinner.

4. Chicken paksiw
Photo Credit: Panlasang Pinoy

Fried chicken is another staple in every Filipino celebration. But if you cooked a huge batch and have some pieces left, you can turn them into a delicious paksiw dish, which is basically chicken cooked with vinegar and liver sauce. To make things easier, continue cooking it for at least 1 to 2 hours in your Thermos® Shuttle Chef® to replace the 35-minute waiting time to cook.

5. Chicken adobo tacos
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You can’t be at a Filipino party and not have chicken adobo, and you can imagine how flavorful the chicken is the next day, after marinating in those delicious juices. But if you want to give your leftover chicken adobo a non-traditional twist, go Mexican by turning it into chicken adobo tacos. Find the recipe here.

6. Pandesal and sardines pizza
Photo Credit: Panlasang Pinoy

Are you craving pizza, and you have some leftover pandesal? Use it with canned sardines and turn it into your very own Filipino pizza. These small slices of pandesal are perfect as a snack, and adding slices of sardines on top with their own tomato sauce will give this treat a special twist. In fact, since you’ll be toasting them in the toaster or oven for that extra crunch, this recipe definitely needs leftover pandesal.

7. Chicken sisig
Photo Credit: Modern Parenting

Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without almost every Filipino’s favorite food or “pulutan,” sisig. If you have any leftover chicken from dinner or a party, it’s the perfect protein to use for a classic sisig recipe like this. Simply slice some leftover chicken and combine them with some red onions, green chilis, and of course, egg.

Did these recipes help breathe new life into your leftovers? These are just 7 of the many methods that can make your leftovers more exciting, whether it’s from a party or dinner the night before. Go ahead and get cooking!

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