7 Must-Try Recipes for a Spook-tacular Kids’ Party

Halloween is an exciting time for kids since they get to dress up in fun costumes and go around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. This year, make Halloween extra special by organizing a party where you can serve these seven amazing recipes:

1. Batty Halloween cupcakes
Photo Credit: Life At Cloverhill

We all know that kids equate Halloween with sweets, so why not serve them these amazing batty Halloween cupcakes? The decadent cupcake, sweet orange buttercream frosting with bats on top, will keep them coming back for more.

2. Spooky monster chocolate cake brownies
Photo Credit: JZ Eats

The perfect addition to your scary dessert spread, this spooky monster chocolate cake brownie recipe is a winner for both kids and adults.

The classic gooey brownie topped with different colored frosting and edible eyes adds that pop of color to make your dessert table extra delightful. And if your kids want to keep some for later, store them in the Thermos® Food Jar to extend their freshness.

3. Scary cookies
Photo Credit: BBC Food

Cookies are always a crowd favorite! Shaped like mummies, ghosts and other scary things that feed the imagination, these cookies will be a hit among your guests.

Here’s a classic recipe that you can follow, and you can let your creativity run wild with the decorations. You can even make this a fun activity for your kids.

4. Severed fingers
Photo Credit: The Peach Kitchen

Looking for something more savory? These severed fingers might scare the kids at first, but the sight of hotdogs will make them want to take a bite—or two—anyway.

You can also serve these severed fingers for breakfast or pack them in your kids’ school lunch boxes. Just remember to create a big batch because these will be a big hit!

5. Halloween burgers

If you’re looking for something easy to prepare but filling for your guests, the Halloween burger is a no-brainer. You can follow this simple recipe where you prepare the patties ahead of time and grill them when the party starts.

You can ask Dad to man the grill station while you assemble the burgers for guests. Or you can create a DIY burger station where guests can put together their own for extra fun.

6. Gummy graveyard
Photo Credit: Weelicious

When organizing these parties for kids, you need to get extra creative. This gummy graveyard will bring their imagination to life while munching on gummy worms and spiders.

Plus if you’re feeling extra generous, use your Thermos® Disney Food Jar as a gummy graveyard for your guests to take home with them.

7. Party drinks
Photo Credit: Chemag

Of course, you can’t have a kids’ party without some fun drinks, and here you’ll find five fun and spooky juice recipes that the kids will love, including worm juice, Dracula’s syringe, witches potion, spooky pond juice and the mad scientist’s drink.

To avoid any condensation issues and enjoy keeping your drink chilled to the last sip, keep drinks in the Thermos® JDG-series Mugs.

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