6 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Are you uninspired by the traditional Valentine’s Day options that are tried and tested over and over again? This year, why not inject some spark into the day of love by trying something a little different! This list gives you 6 alternative activities to enjoy together for Valentine’s Day.

1. Make Chocolate Truffles Together


Of course, with Valentine’s comes chocolate – it’s a combo as natural as, well, Valentine's and chocolate! Work as a team in the kitchen to create some delicious chocolate truffles. The great thing about this recipe is that you can both customise your batches with toppings of your choice, which means no two truffles need to be the same. Made too many? Store away in the Thermos® Food Jar.

2. Movie Marathon (one for him, one for her)


Choose one or two of your favourite movies and have your partner pick one or two of their own as well (to make it fair). Next, decide the running order, snuggle up in front of the screen and enjoy your movie marathon. Don’t forget that snacks are compulsory. Learn how to make some homemade popcorn here.

Top tip: pick a movie your partner hasn’t seen, or keep all movies to one genre.

3. Quality Time with Pets


Don’t make the day only about you two, the dog will feel left out! Treat your furry friend to a new walking spot or extra-long hike where all three of you can get lost in nature. Use it as a great opportunity to talk about fond memories, plans for the future, or just embrace the sereneness. Bring along your Thermos® ‘Save The Earth’ One-Push Tumbler to stay hydrated while strolling among the trees together.

4. Set a gift budget


If you love buying gifts for each other, make this year more of a challenge by setting a budget. Not only does it mean you and your partner need to get more creative, but it also means you'll dedicate more time to making the gift extra thoughtful. Whether it’s 1,000 pesos or even 100 pesos, make it meaningful and personal.

5. Write a poem


No need to panic, no one expects you to suddenly turn into Shakespeare! Have fun with this Valentine’s Day gift by writing up a silly, funny and sweet poem to your loved one. Call out some funny experiences you’ve both had, mention their best personality traits or even joke about you trying to write a poem in the first place! Whatever words you get onto the page, your partner will love you all the more for it.

6. Have a samgyupsal feast at home


This popular sharing restaurant dish is a go-to for couples because of its interactivity and that it’s so much fun to eat. But for this Valentine’s Day, make things a little different by making samgyupsal at home. There are lots of optional side dishes to accompany your pork belly, so you can surprise your partner with some amazing combos. Find the recipe here.

Ideas for the singletons:


We’re not going to leave out our single friends, right? Valentine’s is the perfect time to reconvene with a long lost creative pastime, like painting or playing an instrument gathering dust. 

Another option is to catch up with an old friend! They’ll surely be just as pleased to have your name come up on their phone as you will be calling them. Another idea is to get productive and fix that chest of drawers or squeaky door you’ve been meaning to get to. If you’re taking on any strenuous exercises, don’t forget to bring along your Thermos® One-Push Tumbler.

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