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School’s Out – Let the Good Times Roll with These 5 Indoor Family Activities

Spending valuable time with the family is a great way to bond, share and talk openly; it’s a great way for parents to connect with their children. Now that school time is over, it’s high time to engage in fun and meaningful activities.

Check out these exciting indoor family options for keeping the whole family entertained!

1. Movie Marathon

Movie marathons are great ways for everyone to gather and enjoy their favorite motion picture over a choice of snacks. They can be tailored to all age groups (bonus points if you happen to all be fans of the same series)! 

This activity is also a perfect opportunity to introduce classic movies or series to the young ones, create memories, and discuss the movies and characters. Get the popcorn ready and your preferred beverage in the Thermos® Carafe to keep it cold throughout the movies. 

2. Karaoke

Filipinos love to sing! Karaoke is another fantastic indoor activity for the family to showcase their singing prowess or just simply have fun. Karaoke sessions are not only carefree and casual activities but also strengthen family bonds and support where everyone cheers each other on. But don’t forget to keep your throat moist – keep a warm beverage handy in the Thermos® One-Push Tumbler to sing your heart out for longer.

3. Family Cook-off

Ever had that argument about 'who does it better'? A family cook-off is a delicious activity for the whole family to participate in, fostering communication, creativity, and teamwork. Choose a specific theme, cuisine, or family favorite recipe done in pairs or teams. Challenge each team on who-did-it-best Filipino recipes like kare kare, ginataang bilo-bilo, arroz caldo, desserts like leche flan ube cake or thirst-quenchers like sago at gulaman.

4. Impromptu Runway Show

An impromptu fashion show is another engaging and unique family indoor bonding for old and young ones to enjoy. This entertaining family activity allows everyone to showcase their personalities and creativity. When organizing a fashion runway at home, remember to choose a theme to add an element of excitement.

Since it is impromptu, the fun doubles as everyone raids their closets for outfits, accessories, and props that they can use to show off as they strut the runway. Not only is it fun, but it also encourages self-expression, and boosts confidence and individuality while also having a great time together as a family.

5. Siesta

‘Siesta’ translates to ‘afternoon nap’ or ‘afternoon rest’ for Filipinos to rest and escape from the gloomy rainy season. This has long been a Filipino tradition influenced by the Spaniards and has become their way of life even until today.

After a long day, it's hard to beat just lounging on the couch or relaxing in bed to some nice music. On a clear day, you can even take your siesta outdoors by stringing up a few hammocks. Having this downtime allows families to gather and share a meal and spend more quality time with their loved ones. Tote along a Thermos® Tumbler with Carry Loop tokeep hydrated.

These simple yet enjoyable and accessible indoor activities are fantastic means of celebrating the school break, while also being great at bringing the whole family closer together through the joy of good clean fun!

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