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7 Plants that Will Complete Your Home Workspace

Many of us have had to work from home for the last two years, and as businesses realize that this way of working is possible, the work-from-home arrangement has become a significant factor in offering workers greater work flexibility.

If you’re lucky enough to have this work setup, make sure that your home workspace has these 7 plants to improve your space and productivity.

1. Snake plant

Also called sansevieria, the snake plant is almost impossible to kill because it requires little maintenance, and it can thrive indoors since it doesn’t need direct access to sunlight all the time. This plant is also great for your workspace with its tall green leaves that will make your room look chic.

2. Cactus

You see these plants in magazines and Instagram feeds because they’re not only good-looking but also easy to maintain. Cacti plants can thrive even with little water and sunlight, making them perfect for indoors.

You can pick different varieties of cacti and put them by the window or on a display shelf to serve as your décor and pop of color in one.

3. Succulents

They’re easily mistaken for cacti plants, but succulents are a different kind of species. Known for needing minimal sunlight, succulents are very easy to maintain and are great for decorating your workspace since they help cleanse the air to make your space more comfortable. Here are some of the most popular indoor succulents to try.

4. ZZ plant

It’s simple, sturdy, and very stylish, so you’ll love having a ZZ plant in your workspace. This type of plant is also very easy to maintain. Since it comes from Africa, it thrives better when the soil is dry. Just put it near a window for indirect sunlight and you're good to go! To inspire you to take care of your ZZ plant, get the Thermos® ‘Save the Earth’ One-Push Tumbler as your daily reminder.

5. Aloe vera

You already know aloe vera has great benefits to your hair and health, but it’s also an amazing plant to grow indoors because it looks very stylish. If you ever need a healthy drink, you can pick some aloe vera leaves and mix them with fruits and herbs to make beverages such as the lychee ginger cooler that you can enjoy from your Thermos® Mug.

6. Dracaena

You can find this plant in many offices and homes because it offers color, texture, and style to your space. Buy beautiful pots to keep your dracaena plants and your workspace will instantly give off cool vibes! Plus, this plant is perfect for cleaning the air in your home to make it more conducive for working.

7. Money tree

Naturally, you want your workspace to attract a lot of fortune and good luck. So, why not get auspicious and keep a money tree by your desk! This small plant is perfect for indoor spaces since it can thrive without constant direct sunlight, and you don’t need to water it every day. The money tree is also believed to bring good luck to the space where it’s placed.

Start shopping for these plants and watch your workspace turn from “blah” to “wow” without the need to spend much money. Plus, having plants around you can easily make you feel more relaxed and creative.

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