Stainless Brown
Stainless Brown


Refreshed in a new Stainless Brown colour, store hot water or chill your favourite beverage in this THV-series carafe for hours. With its family-friendly design, say no more to accidental leakages or scalding when the carafe topples over. The easy-to-open stopper (just one 360-degree turn) and wide mouth opening make cleaning out your carafe an easy task, while the stopper lid can be taken apart for a more thorough cleaning! 

Also available in 1.5L capacity.

  • Capacity : 2.0L
  • Heat insulation (10 hours): 75°C & above
  • Heat insulation (24 hours): 60°C & above
  • Cold insulation (10 hours): 10°C & below
  • Dimensions Width × Depth × Height (approx. cm): 12.5 X 19 X 27
  • Weight (approx): 700g
  • Colour: Stainless Brown