How to Make Mom and Dad Feel Special with Thermos® Products

Mom and dad need to be reminded of how special they are all year round, which is why spoiling them with gifts is a great idea! We’ve got you covered with these Thermos® products that make the ideal gifts!

For mom:

1. Undisrupted conversations

Prepare a family dinner with everyone bonding over good food and meaningful conversations. And to make sure that no one leaves mom’s table to fill up drinks, get the Thermos® Carafe as a gift to ensure sharing moments are uninterrupted.

2. Best kitchen helper

Give mom the gift of easy cooking with less time and energy with the Thermos® Shuttle Chef® thermal cooker. Take one step further and cook her favorite stew or soup.

3. Workout hydration

Does mom love working out or spending time outdoors? Make sure she stays hydrated by surprising her with a Thermos® Sports Bottle filled with a cold beverage that will work as the perfect fitness companion.

4. Homemade lunch companion

As mom gets back to working in the office, she needs something to keep her food fresh and delicious at work. The Thermos® Lunch Tote can take care of that.

5. Match with Mom’s OOTD!

Does your mom love color-coordinating her outfits? Get a Thermos® Tumbler in her favorite color as an accessory to keep her hydrated in style.

For dad:

1. Active hydrating companion

Dads are always active, so they need to keep themselves hydrated throughout the day. Encourage your dad to keep drinking water in his desired temperature by gifting him a new Thermos® One-Push Tumbler.

2. Soothing drinks for health

If dad has problems with digestion or he just needs to rest and rejuvenate, make him a cup of hot green tea to bring to work and store it in the Thermos® Tumbler with Strainer to keep it hot for longer and for him to enjoy throughout the day.

3. For the sports enthusiast

Is dad the type to enjoy bonding with friends through sports, bike rides, and treks? Make sure he drinks lots of water while enjoying his activities by giving him the sleek Thermos® Sports Bottle that will make him the coolest guy in his group.

4. Keep dad’s lunch fresh for hours

Your dad works hard every day to make sure that you enjoy a good life, so now it’s your turn to treat him to a gift that will remind him how much you love him. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so get him the stylish Thermos® Lunch Tote where he can keep his hearty lunch fresh for longer.

5. Make hydration convenient

Every dad will say yes to the Thermos® Beverage Bottle because of how convenient, functional and durable it is. Make your dad’s favorite drink in it and have him bring it along to work!

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