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A Guide to Making Your Pantry More Organized

You’ve probably seen those highly organized pantries online, or maybe you have that one friend who has a flawless storage system, and it makes you want to do the same. To help you get started, here are 7 easy steps to help you get your pantry in perfect working order:

1. Start with a game plan

Empty your pantry and take a photo of the space. You can use this as your reference point when creating a plan for how you want your pantry to look. Think about how you use your pantry on a daily basis. If you use grains or baking items more often, put ingredients where they’re easier to access.

2. Clean and declutter your pantry

Before you start organizing, make sure that the entire space is clean first. This is also your opportunity to lay out all your stuff and get rid of anything that’s expired, broken, has missing parts, or just those items that you don’t use anymore. This can amount to a full day’s work, so keep your Thermos® One-Push Tumbler nearby to stay hydrated.

3. Sort and categorise

When thinking about how you’ll put your pantry together, consider function first. Sort your stuff and create categories for them. For instance, put all the baking ingredients together, the pasta and noodles together, the grains and rice together, and the snacks and candies together.

Then, consider where you’ll put these categories in your pantry. You can also invest in organizers or baskets to keep categories separate from others. For instance, you can put all the chips in one basket and all the condiments in one lazy susan.

4. Use different containers and label them

Boxes of cereals, pasta, and other products can take up a lot of space in your pantry and make it look cluttered. So, it’s best to invest in clear containers where you can clearly see them and make your pantry look much better. Label each container to make it easier to know where to put what when you’re refilling.

5. Take advantage of other storage spaces

It’s important to know what to put and not put in your pantry. For instance, if you use spices a lot when cooking, it’s best to put them in a drawer or cabinet near your stove or oven, so you have easy access to them and can easily store them after use.

6. Create a habit of organizing

You’ve put a lot of work into cleaning, decluttering, labeling, and organizing your pantry. So, you shouldn’t put all that effort to waste by going back to your old habits.

Instead, create a habit of putting things back straight after use, and organize your groceries immediately once you get home. This will help you keep your pantry and the rest of your kitchen neat and tidy.

7. Enjoy your organized pantry

Now that you have everything organized, it’s time to celebrate your win and treat yourself to a hot chocolate or cup of coffee using the Thermos® Mug as you admire how your new and improved pantry is looking. You deserve it, after all!

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