7 Drinks to Stave Off The Dry Season

After our cold rainy months, the dry season is finally here. But as much as we love to enjoy the sun in this tropical country, the hot weather can also build up a thirst. Here are 7 easy drinks to make at home to keep you and your loved ones well-hydrated this season.

1. Buko shake

You can’t be Filipino and not love buko shake. An ultimate summer drink, this shake is made of coconut water and its flesh gives that creamy, refreshing, and cooling flavor to make you reminisce about those days by the beach. Make this classic Filipino summer drink at home by following this recipe.

2. Cranberry orange punch

Whether you’re hosting a party at home or just looking for the perfect fruity drink to share with your loved one over dinner, this cranberry-orange punch will be a showstopper. Using ingredients you can find in the supermarket, this recipe is easy to make and can be served in a Thermos® Carafe to keep the drink cold for longer.  

3. Fruit iced tea

We all crave iced tea during the summer, but try adding a unique twist to the classic by following this recipe for fruit iced tea with a caffeine kick. Just imagine a drink that has hints of black tea and fruits that you can enjoy in a Thermos® Mug during those hot summer afternoons.

4. Frozen mocha

Are you a coffee fanatic? Get your daily dose of caffeine in a cold version with your own frozen whipped mocha drink. There’s no need to go to a coffee house to grab a good drink because this recipe gives you the steps to make frozen whipped mocha that tastes just like those famous coffee shops!

5. Ice cold watermelon shake

When you think of summer, you might instantly think of a big, juicy watermelon. The ultimate summer fruit is often used for smoothies and shakes for its fresh and light flavor profile. Make an ice-cold watermelon shake big enough for two and enjoy in your Thermos® Tumbler Cups.

6. Lemon Yakult ice crush
Photo Credit: Angsarap

Yakult has always been a favorite Filipino drink, but now you can add it to your classic summer drink to create the lemon Yakult ice crush. This delicious summer concoction combines the sweetness and sourness of the lemon with the rich taste of Yakult for a refreshing beverage that will quickly become your go-to summer drink.

7. Halo-halo cocktail
Photo Credit: Food & Wine

Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate summer refreshment for Filipinos, the famous halo-halo. But we’re not just talking about any halo-halo here. We’re talking about a halo-halo cocktail! This drink was created by a Filipino bartender named Justin Ang, at the Baldwin Bar in Massachusetts.

This cocktail includes what you already love about halo-halo, but the addition of light rum and Leblon Cachaca gives you that alcohol kick to make this a tantalizing concoction. Make it at home for your partner, and keep the drinks in a Thermos® One-Push Tumblers to keep it cold and refreshing.

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