11 Tagalog Lingos to Find Out How Filipino You Are

Being Filipino is unique in a lot of ways, one of which is the use of non-traditional language or “lingo” that turns boring conversations into colorful and fun ones. It’s time to put your lingo knowledge to the test! How many of the sayings below do you know so you can call yourself a true Filipino?

1. “Jusko”

Example Sentence: Jusko, ang init! Buti na lang may baon akong malamig na tubig.

This expression of exclamation is similar to saying “Oh my God!” or in the Filipino language, “Diyos ko!”. “Jusko” is commonly used to express a feeling of delight, surprise, or even anger or disgust.

2. “Edi wow”

Example sentence: Matching phone case, shirt, and pants? Edi wow!

Similar to saying “Oh, wow!” this expression can be a sarcastic way of being impressed at something or being in a funny or unbelievable situation.

3. “Aruy”

Example sentence: Aruy! Hirap naman mag skateboard!

When someone says “aruy,” it means they are in pain.

4. “Awit”

Example sentence: Oh, di ka ni-replyan ni crush? Awit!

Commonly referring to a song, the word “awit” is now being used by the younger Filipino generation as a way of saying “ouch!” either literally or figuratively. “Awit” is simply the combination of the expression “aw, sakit.” Many millennials don't use it literally to refer to physical pain, however, and use it more as a general term to refer to a negative or undesirable situation.

5. ”Petmalu”

Example sentence: Petmalu naman ng kulay ng tumbler mo!

Taken from the Filipino word “malupet,” “petmalu” simply means being admirable or excellent. It can also be used to describe an object like the Thermos® One-Push Tumbler is “petmalu.”

6. “Pak!”

Example sentence: Red, blue, white? Pak! Philippine pride.

You’ll hear people say “pak!” a lot to express different kinds of emotions. For instance, if someone cooks a dish well, the diners might say “pak!” to express their delight.

So, if you cook this pulled pork burger recipe using the Thermos® Shuttle Chef®, you’ll know that it’s good when people say, “Wow! Pak na pak!”

7. “Lodi”

Example sentence: Pak, sarap na naman ng ulam ni lodi!

When someone calls you “lodi,” it means that he admires you. From the word “idol,” “lodi” can also be used to refer to a friend or brother, especially a close one.

8. “Erp”

Example sentence: Erp! Pahingi naman ako ng baon mo. Lodi, mainit-init pa ah!

Another common expression among Filipino friends, “erp” comes from the word “kumpare,” which means brother or close friend.

9. Arbor

Example sentence: Uy ganda naman ng baonan mo ate! Pa-arbor!

This is commonly used among siblings who like to share their stuff. When someone tells you to “arbor” something, that means he wants something from you and wants to borrow or ask for it altogether.

For instance, if your sister wants your dress, she could tell you if she can “arbor” that dress for an event. You just need to be careful when using this expression, as it can also mean asking for something forever!

10. “Elibs”

Example sentence: Wow! Healthy snacks again? Elibs na talaga ako sayo.

This expression can be used to express admiration for someone or to be in awe of something someone did. So, you can say, “Pre, nakaka-elibs naman yung paglaro niya ng basketball” or “Bro, I’m so impressed by the way he played basketball.”

11. “Anyare”

Example sentence: Oy, ba’t parang stressed ka? Anyare?

Anyare is a Filipino slang contraction for the words “anong nangyari?”. The English translation for both would be, “what happened?”. So you might say, “anyare sayo?”, to mean, “what happened to you?”

Being part of such an amazing culture like the Philippines is definitely a blast. So, make sure you stay brushed up on your local lingo today!


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