Serves 2


  • Black Tea (Earl Grey), 2 tea bags
  • Hot Boiling Water, 300ml
  • Apple Juice, 150ml
  • Cinnamon, amount as desired



  1. Put tea bags in a pot and add hot boiling water. Cover with lid and steam for about 2 minutes, gently shaking tea bags before removing them from the pot.
  2. In the meantime, slightly heat apple juice in microwave oven.
  3. Pour tea into a Thermos® Mug, add pre-heated apple juice. Sprinkle on cinnamon as desired.





  • This tea complements a Bibimbap bowl, a good lunch box or picnic menu option. Best to enjoy the aromatic Apple Cinnamon Tea after a wholesome bowl of Bibimbap.
  • The synergistic effect of apple polyphenols and black tea polyphenols helps to firm skin, making it suitable for a cold weather or environment when skin tends to be dry.


Bonus Recipe – Bibimbap Bowl:

Serves 2


  1. Grill 60 grams of beef short ribs with a BBQ or roast meat sauce of your choice.
  2. Put 60 grams of bean sprouts and 30 grams of shredded carrots in a heat-proof bowl, add ½ teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon each of sesame oil and white ground sesame seeds, mix well, and put in microwave oven to heat for 1½ minutes.
  3. Arrange steamed rice in a lunch box, add items made from Step 1 and 2, and top it off with a fried egg. Ready to go!


Photo and recipe courtesy of Thermos Japan.