Psst! The 6 Eco-Friendly Life Hacks No One Ever Told You

If you consider yourself eco-friendly, you ain’t seen nothing yet! There’s always more you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, and these 6 lesser-known life hacks will help you level up your contribution to a healthier planet.

1. Cut down on sachets


Shower sachets might be popular, but one big pack of sachets uses a lot of plastic unnecessarily. Make a simple change - buy a bar of soap instead. Not only do some brands come in cardboard packaging, but even the soaps in plastic packaging amount to less plastic in total when compared with a pack of sachets.

2.  Takeaway drinks


This life hack is a 2-for-1! Cut down on drinks with the plastic bag takeaway option to not only reduce the number of bags used, but keeps your drink cool too. The Thermos® Philippines Exclusive ‘Save The Earth’ One-Push Tumbler is a great alternative. Not only this, but with every purchase of the ‘Save the Earth’ One-Push Tumbler, p50 will be donated to WWF-Philippines’ Conservation Program, making it a great way to do your bit!

3. Make a watering can from a milk jug

Photo Credits: makezine.com 

Just because you’ve lost your watering can does not mean your flowers need to go thirsty. Take your used milk jug, fill it with water, and then before screwing the top back on, use a nail to make a few holes. The holes work as a makeshift spout, releasing just enough water to make your flower beds happy.

4. Turn off the tap


If you keep the tap running when brushing your teeth, you’re wasting loads of water. It’s said that in only a minute, up to 2 gallons of water flow from faucet to plug. So by simply turning off the tap, you can literally save gallons of water a day!

5. Shop at thrift stores


Rather than buying new clothes, head over to your local thrift store and hunt for some bargains. While you help to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions caused by the production of new clothes, you can make it a fun day out with friends too! Here are some stores you can shop at!

6. Cook in batches


Save on electricity and gas by cooking double portions for lunch. This means you’ll have a meal ready for your dinner too without needing to cook from scratch again. This is the perfect tip for those who don’t like cooking and want to help the environment at the same time! The Thermos® Shuttle Chef®  is perfect for cooking larger quantities and can keep your meals warm for up to 6 to 8 hours.


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