With careful planning and practice, organising a fun party is simpler than you think. To host a successful house party, take note of some important points such as party preparation, coping with problems, and guests’ engagement. Here is a quick guide to making your party an awesome one.

Add a Fun Theme

Fun theme4

Having a theme gives your guests something to look forward to and talk about before the actual party. It helps to set a different frame of mind as your guests arrive, and create conversations around the theme instead of the usual topics on work, kids, and family. To do so, set up an invitation list on Facebook with the relevant details and fun pictures, giving your guests an idea of what the party theme is.

The next step is to ensure they RSVP the event, which will help you determine the number of guests attending and how much food and drinks to prepare. Be sure to send out your invites at least two weeks in advance; you want plenty of time for your guests to shop for costumes, especially if you are hosting a superhero or Disney-themed party.   

Be Prepared

Be prepared

Preparation is one of the keys to a good party. Decide on the food and drinks you want to serve, followed by getting all the necessary ingredients, serving dishes, utensils, etc. Clean your house (or at least the area where your guests will be) to make your guests feel comfortable when they are settling in. Decorate your place thoughtfully – avoid putting up too much decorations or it might end up looking messy and clutter the space. Store your fragile objects away to prevent your guests from breaking them and save on the embarrassment.

Keep your food low maintenance so you get to spend more time with your guests instead of bustling around in the kitchen. To ensure that your guests are served ice cold drinks at all times, use alfi® carafes, which keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours (or hot drinks hot for 12 hours). Check out some recipes here.


Set the Mood

Set the mood

The last thing your guests want to see is you running around frantically as you try to get dressed. Be ready half an hour before your guests arrive and welcome them with an appetiser and drink. Put on some music to set the mood you are aiming for, and change it up as the night goes by. Keep the atmosphere as lively and relaxed as possible, and if you encounter a problem – drinks spilling, dishes breaking, food running out – keep calm and collected and handle the situation with a laugh.

Bring People Together

A good host knows how to maneuver around a party. Spend time with each of your guest to make him/her feel welcome (it is also a good way to show them that you acknowledge and appreciate their presence). Never leave a guest on his/her own – introduce them to one another and let the synergy takes its course. Check in on them periodically to make sure they are engaged, their cups filled, and their stomach full!

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