Do You Love White Rice? These 8 Dishes Make for the Perfect Pairing

No Filipino meal is complete without white rice. In fact, the average Filipino consumes more than 118 kilograms of rice every year. But while white rice is already a staple at every Filipino table, you can spice things up with these 8 simple dishes that elevate white rice to a whole new level! 

1. Beer-infused pork belly
Beer infused pork belly

Pork belly is a favorite cut of meat because it’s tender, filled with fat and delicious. This take on the classic Filipino pork belly dish includes beer, which is another pleasure among many Filipinos.

The beer marinade doesn’t only make the pork extra tender and juicy, but it also adds a lot of unique flavors to the dish itself. Cooking this recipe is made a lot easier with the help of a Thermos® Shuttle Chef®.

2. Fried rice with bacon or sausage
Fried rice with bacon or sausage
Picture Credit: Urban Bliss Life

You ask any Filipino what their favorite breakfast dish would be, and they’ll tell you it’s fried rice. This version of the classic fried rice adds in some favorite comfort food like sausage and bacon for added flavor.

These proteins also make the fried rice a hearty meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can even take it to work or school by keeping it in the Thermos® Food Jar. Find the full recipe here.

3. Chicken arroz caldo
Chicken arroz caldo
Picture Credit: All Recipes

Arroz caldo is the ultimate Filipino comfort food, especially during rainy days. This rice porridge is so comforting that you can make it any time of the day. Find the complete recipe of the classic chicken arroz caldo here.

4. Western omelet
Western omelet

While this isn’t exactly a Filipino dish, this Western-style omelet pairs perfectly with white rice for breakfast. It has all the ingredients for a comforting omelet—hash brown, eggs and cheddar cheese. And the best part is, this omelet is healthy because you’re steaming it in the Thermos® Shuttle Chef® instead of frying, which eliminates the use of oil.

5. Filipino-style seafood paella
Filipino style seafood paella
Picture Credit: Cookstr

Filipino cuisine is heavily influenced by Spanish cooking, which is why Filipinos love paella. If you’re a seafood lover, this recipe is perfect for everyday cooking or even special occasions.

Featuring some of the best seafood that the Philippines has—shrimp, squid and mussels—all topped up with perfectly cooked white rice, this paella will surely be a hit.

6. Vegan Filipino garlic fried rice
Vegan Filipino garlic fried rice
Photo Credit: Sweet Simple Vegan

Sinangag is a rice dish that can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But if you’re vegan, you can still enjoy this delicious fried rice with just three straightforward ingredients. Check out the full recipe here.

7. Vietnamese chicken and sweet potato curry
Vietnamese chicken and sweet potato curry

Who doesn’t love curry anyway? This Vietnamese chicken and sweet potato curry dish goes perfectly with white rice, and you can easily make a big batch of it and reheat it for the next day. Here’s how to make this easy recipe.

8. Bibingka
Photo Credit: Panlasang Pinoy

Finally, there’s one of the most popular Filipino desserts—the classic Bibingka or rice cake. Whether it’s Christmas or just an ordinary day, your family will surely love having Bibingka for dessert or snacks, and it’s so easy to make.

Bibingka has always been a favorite among Filipinos because of its simplicity and the use of staple ingredients like white rice. Learn how to make Bibingka here.



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