8 Romantic Dinners to Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Instead of moping around at home over not having anyone to share Valentine’s Day with, why don’t you treat yourself to a day of self-love by whipping up one of these 8 romantic dishes to enjoy with your favorite person – you!

1. Vongole

Simple but packed with amazing flavors, Vongole is a simple linguine pasta with clams cooked in white wine and olive oil, topped with chili flakes for that extra kick.

You can whip up this dish in just a few minutes, but you’ll definitely come back to this for special occasions once you try it.

2. Healthy Curry

If you want to treat yourself without breaking your diet plan, this chickpea and kale curry is the perfect way to indulge in good Indian flavors without the guilt.

Completely vegan, this dish takes only 25 minutes to make, but it won’t fall short on flavor thanks to its fresh herbs, spices and coconut milk that are all staples in Indian cooking.

3. Pulled Pork Burger

We Filipinos love our pork, right? So, if you’re thinking about a casual night of Netflix and good wine, this is the perfect dish for you. Good pulled pork is all about cooking it slow and low, which makes the Thermos® Shuttle Chef® the perfect cooking partner you need to get the job done. Find the recipe for this dish here.

4. Double Crunch Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Keep things simple on Valentine’s Day. Make your favorite ham and cheese sandwich into a gourmet dish by adding some fancy ingredients like green apples, pretzels and yes, yellow mustard. Check out how to make this easy dish here.

5. Red Sangria

What good is Valentine’s Day without the perfect drink anyway? This red sangria recipe is a great complement to any meal because of its sweet, bitter and tangy notes. It will surely become your go-to drink every time you’re treating yourself.

6. No-bake Carrot Cake

Of course, you need to have dessert on Valentine’s Day. But if you hate the thought of baking something for yourself, this no-bake carrot cake will be right up your street.

It uses basic ingredients, and you can top it with a simple icing that combines a bit of sweet and savory for that ultimate dessert experience.

7. Strawberry Shortcake Crisp
Photo Credit: One Green Planet

If you like the idea of a strawberry shortcake but don’t have the patience to make one for hours, you can give that classic dessert recipe a simple twist by turning it into a strawberry shortcake crisp.

This sweet treat has all the elements of a great shortcake—gooey in the center and sweet on top. But you also have that crispy exterior that gives it an interesting texture. The best part about this recipe is that it’s all vegan.

8. Salted Dark Chocolate Popcorn
Photo Credit: The Kitchn

To complete this list, you need the best snack to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day. What’s better than popcorn for a movie night? Make yourself this fun treat that combines a hint of sweetness and bitterness for that ultimate snack experience. Get the recipe here.

Of course, enjoy this snack with your favorite drink in your Thermos® Tumbler for the perfect night.


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