7 Philippines Holiday Destinations for that Year-End Getaway

We may be nearing the end of the year, but it’s never too late to pack your bags and go on a much-needed getaway. Now, if you can’t decide where you’d like to go, we rounded up 7 amazing Philippines destinations.

1. Pampanga

It’s considered the lantern capital of the Philippines, so a visit to Pampanga will light up your Christmas! But more than the beautiful lights, Pampanga is also known for its amazing Kapampangan food, so a culinary journey should be in order.

Check out this guide to help plan an itinerary that covers everything from going to local restaurants to visiting famous lantern makers around Pampanga.

2. Cebu

Cebu has everything you’d want for a perfect holiday destination. From beautiful beaches to amazing food spots, you’ll never run out of things to do in the Queen City of the South no matter what type of holiday you’re looking for. So, don’t forget to pack your Thermos® Lunch Tote, so you won’t get hungry while exploring beautiful Cebu.

3. Manila

The Philippines capital is a no-brainer for a holiday destination because it’s a melting pot of everything you want to experience on a vacation.

From historical sites to good food, you’ll have a fully packed itinerary when visiting Manila. But if you prefer to take it slow, stay at one of these iconic hotels in the city where you can enjoy an unforgettable staycation.

4. Vigan

Vigan is a must-visit if you want to travel back in time because this city is steeped in history and culture. From walking on the historic cobblestone streets to savoring famous Ilocano delicacies, there’s so much to learn and discover about this beautiful destination.

Since you’ll be traveling for at least 10 hours up north, it’s highly important to make the most of this vacation by planning your itinerary well and to keep hydrated with the Thermos® Carafe as your travel companion.

5. La Union

La Union, or more popularly known as “Elyu”, has attracted tourists from around the world for its beautiful spots and relaxing vibe. Now one of the most visited Philippines destinations, La Union is perfect if you’re a budding surfer, a beach buff, or just a hungry adventurer craving new experiences.

Of course, don’t forget to bring your Thermos® Sports Bottle to keep yourself hydrated while on these adventures.

6. Bohol

Bohol represents all the good things that Philippines nature has to offer. This beautiful island in the Visayas boasts world-class beaches, beautiful forests, and natural formations that will keep you busy throughout your trip.

Of course, you can’t miss sampling some of Bohol’s delicious offerings including its world-class seafood options and “kalamay”. Use this guide to plan your itinerary to Bohol.  

7. Baguio

Rounding up this list is one of the most popular tourist destinations for travelers who want to experience the cold weather and life in the mountains.

Baguio has always been a favorite spot because of its unique location carved on the mountain and the beautiful scenery that comes with it. You won’t run out of activities in the “summer capital of the Philippines.”

You can go strawberry picking, explore its many parks, go on a food trip, or just cozy up in your hotel while enjoying the beautiful Baguio weather.

Of course, you can’t forget to cap off your adventure with a Christmas toast using your Thermos® One-Push Tumbler.

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