7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas At Home With A Modern Twist

When it comes to Christmas, we have tons of traditions and celebrate the occasion like we never want it to end! But rather than sticking to the normal standards, why not spruce things up this year, be a little different, and make it even more joyous and memorable at home. Check out these 6 fun ways on how to give your 2020 Christmas a modern twist!

1. Organise a Zoom party

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Being miles away doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate Christmas with your family and friends abroad. You can spark the celebration by organising a virtual holiday party via Zoom to keep the spirit alive. With the technology we have now, a real-time video call would bridge distances and feel like being with them physically. Relish all the fun and laughter, and deepen your connection this Yuletide season.

2. Give Back to Society

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Christmas is a time of giving. Traditionally, we see kids go house to house receiving small gifts from their aunts and uncles while we also send some to our relatives and friends. But why not extend the act of love and give back to society from your own home! You can join online donation drives or watch virtual concerts for a cause. It will warm your heart, knowing that you get to help people out during this time. Some great causes include: #LahatDapatChristmasCampaign with Save the Children, Project Joseph Christmas with NVC and UNHCR Philippines, to name a few.

3. Add A New Dish To Your Noche Buena

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We are well-known for loving a huge feast any time of year, and Noche Buena is no different! Families gather together to enjoy Pinoy delicacies cooked with love, such as morcon, crispy pata, bibingka, and puto bumbong. While these classic dishes are tried-and-tested, it’s a great idea to include something new, like a Homemade Cranberry Sauce or No-Bake Dark Chocolate Walnut Cake. Your family will appreciate whatever you serve as long as you fill up the table!

4. Try New Activities With Your Family


The Christmas season is the best time to spend quality time with your family, so why not introduce something fresh into the tradition at home. Get the youngest member of the family to come up with a Christmas dress-up theme and do a silly photoshoot! Or, get cosy with a Christmas-themed pajama party complete with movie marathons and treats shared from a Thermos®  Food Jar! Something new doesn’t mean it has to be grandiose or costly, what matters most is you carve out more hours with the people close to your heart.

5. Create your own Parols

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Other countries may have the snowman, but we have the ever-present and attractive Parol. These colourful stars are a staple in many homes and streets, reminding everyone of the Christmas season. While it’s easy to purchase a parol, you can actually make your own with friends and family instead. You’ll see everyone’s creativity and resourcefulness shine while enlivening the Pinoy Christmas spirit! Learn how to make your own Parol here!

6. Christmas Karaoke at Home


Whether you have a professional set up or not, karaoke sessions can be so much fun for all the family! There are so many Christmas songs out there, from carols to pop hits, that you’ll never be out of options to either all sing together or give a solo performance to an exclusive audience of loved ones. Bring out the Maria Carey in you and sing your way through Christmas!

7. Shop Online


If you’re missing out on some last minute presents to buy, who says you need to endure the Christmas rush? Shop online instead for a more chilled experience! Various shopping platforms offer fantastic discounts and you can easily have gifts delivered on time to loved ones overseas who may not be able to come home for Christmas. Doing your Christmas shopping online really does take the stress out of the festive season!

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