6 Ways to Show Love For Your Lolo and Lola

Do you remember all those times Lolo and Lola gave you some sneaky chocolate, let you stay up past your bedtime, or gave you extra pocket money for candy? That’s what grandparents are for! Now it’s time to repay your gratitude and show your love for them on National Grandparents Day. Check out these 6 ideas!

1. Showing respect


Lolo and Lola come from a generation where respect to elders is a big deal. You can show respect to your grandparents in many ways, like following pagmamano (bless). Other ways to celebrate them on National Grandparents Day is by giving them a foot or hand massage, making them a coffee, or carrying out a chore. Go out of your way to show your respect for them. Discover more about showing respect to elders here.

2.  Cook their favorite dish


It’s usually Lola who’ll cook you her age-old perfected dishes you just can’t resist. But it’s time to resist temptation and insist that it’s time you cook for her. Tell her to put up her feet and watch you rustle up her favorite dish. We recommend the Light Mutton Stew for a warm, comforting meal to enjoy, or even the Triple Eggs Spinach Broth as a veggie option. Make extra and store it in the Thermos® Food Jar for Lola to enjoy later on!

3. Give them a call


Lola and Lolo know that you lead a busy life, so by taking time out to give them a call is a lovely surprise and shows how much you care. It’s important that when calling them, they have your full attention, so don’t catch up with them when you are distracted with something else like shopping or work. Give them 100% of your focus, they’ll know the difference. Also, if they’re not already aware, try to teach your grandparents how to video call so they can see you too!

4. Do the gardening together (or pot plants)


There are lots of green-fingered grandparents out there, so why not spend time in the garden helping them with their plants? If a garden is not an option, then liven up the home with new flowers and pot them together. The great thing about gardening with Lola and Lolo is that you’ll learn new tips and tricks to improve your own gardening game.

5. Watch TV together


Lola and Lolo love to spend time watching their favorite teleserye in the evening. Hanging out with them to watch TV will mean so much. Why not treat them to a tasty drink with the Thermos® Carafe to share while chatting about the episode once it has finished? Make a big batch of this Apple and Honey Date drink. It’s great for sharing and gives lots of helpings from the Thermos® One Push Tumbler.

6. Listen to their stories


Stories from a past generation can be fascinating as you get insight into some history you only know from movies and books. Real accounts from Lola and Lolo are priceless, personal information you should treasure. And as a bonus, grandparents love to tell stories from their past, so it’s win-win! Pull up a seat and let them tell you about their captivating anecdotes.

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