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A holiday trip allows you leave to your daily responsibilities behind, but with kids around, it isn’t always the case. In fact, there will be a whole lot more responsibilities to take on. But don’t fret, because we have compiled these 6 easy travel tips to make your holiday hassle-free as you create beautiful memories with your partner and kids.

1. Holiday Induction

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Embedded in our human nature and amplified with a juvenile age, kids tend to be uncomfortable when introduced to a foreign environment. This will often lead to unhappiness, fear and anxiety that can dampen the mood of the holiday. Avoid this by giving them plenty of time before the trip to understand the idea of having a holiday. Create excitement with pictures of the destination and possible lodging, and what they can expect to do there (even better if you can connect the itineraries with their interest).

2. Flight Time Management

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Spending long hours during a layover or travelling at ungodly hours can repel your kids’ interest in the holiday trip. Prices may differ from different flight timings, but it is equally important to take into account your kids’ behaviour when it comes to sleeping in a foreign environment, having a shortage of sleep and sleeping before or after their usual bedtimes. Also, don’t be rushy when it comes to a layover. Make sure you have ample time to rest and recharge (especially for your kids) before heading for the next flight. Remember, all rush and no rest makes your kid a grumpy one.

3. Security over your kids

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Keeping your kids with you all the time is pretty fundamental, but precautions should still be taken. When you are occupied with logistic matters, make sure that your partner is with your kids. Consider small GPS tracker if needed, or have your kids wear a lanyard of your contact information. You can also opt for toddler leashes or harnesses, but the basics of paying close attention to your kids still work best in any scenario.

4. Travel journals for your kids

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Encourage your kids to be creative by having a scrapbook or travel journal for the trip. Compile receipts, pamphlets, souvenirs, stickers or anything that catches your eye during the day trip, and work on the scrapbook when you return to the hotel. This practice can also reveal your kids’ point of interest, so you can plan a better itinerary for the next holiday.

5. A little snack goes a long way

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An alternative way to appease your kids’ tantrum during an unexpected traffic jam (and without the use of electronic devices) is a handy food container filled with yummy snacks and your kids’ favourite drink. Take into the account of airport security regulations and opt for healthy dry snacks like dried fruits, energy bars or homemade cookies like this banana oatmeal cookies recipe. You can make it fresh before the flight and pack it in the Thermos® Food Container for later consumption. For drinks, you can opt for the Thermos® Disney-Pixar’s cars straw bottle!

6. Children Discounts

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More of a perk than a cautionary tip, children discounts help to keep your holiday expenditures down. These discounts can range from transportation (free for toddlers in some countries), museum visits, city tours, dining deals, and even amusement parks. Of course, pre-visit research would be ideal but if it is not listed on the website or information pamphlet, then look for representatives on the day of the visit and ask! Don’t ever be shy!

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