6 Delectable Pork Recipes For Pinay Mums

Being a mum often entails being in charge of making meals for your family. It's no easy task thinking of dishes to serve for the day that won't get a scowl from your loved ones. Fortunately, there's a constant favourite in most Filipino households with endless ways to cook - pork! Just bring your personal twist in these 6 delectable pork recipes, and you'll never miss in satisfying your family's cravings.

1. Lion's Head Pork Meatballs


Nah, there's no lion used in this dish, but its taste is indeed roaring. This course, named only after its lion-like shape, features fluffy, juicy, and tender meatballs that will tickle your family's taste buds. Simmered in a savoury broth with the mushrooms, black fungus, and cabbage that serves as its mane, it is one of the best combos to bring to your home's table. Skip the traditional method of cooking this dish and let it simmer in the Shuttle chef instead. Not only will you get the same taste, but you’ll save on electricity as well! 

Check out the recipe here!

2.  Pork Adobo

Photo credit: Panlasang Pinoy

Boasting exquisite flavours with only a few simple ingredients to make, there's no wonder why Pork Adobo is the unofficial national dish in the Philippines. This hearty stew melts in the mouth and infuses a flavorful balance between saltiness and acidity from soy sauce and vinegar. Add tofu, eggs, or coconut milk to complement its bright flavours - your family will surely love the change. Find the recipe here.

We have a Shuttle Chef®-friendly Adobo recipe for you here too. All you need to do is swap out the chicken for pork!

3. Bicol Express

Photo credit: Kawaling Pinoy

If you're looking for some kick, Bicol Express is a well-known Filipino dish that will fulfill your wish! It's a rich, fragrant, creamy, spicy, and savoury dish that uses pork cubes, coconut milk, shrimp paste, and chilli peppers as its main ingredients. Serve it with steamed rice and expect to see your family expressing how much they love its well-rounded taste.

4. Pork Sinigang

Photo credit: Panlasang Pinoy

When it's a cold and wet day, there's no other option than to cook a searing Pork Sinigang. It is a deliciously sour soup with pork ribs and crisp veggies, that owes its distinct taste from a souring agent like tamarind, guava, or cotton fruit. Whichever you choose, serving a steaming bowl to your loved ones will give their much-needed warmth amid the chilly weather.

5. Apple Cider Pork Shoulder


The Apple Cider Pork Shoulder dish is the epitome of slow cooking, which needs time to undergo its much-needed marvel before it transforms into a savoury creation. It doesn't mean that you need to wait for it to unravel its palatable mystery, though. Just let it cook in a Shuttle Chef® as you go into your daily to-do list or while you visit the grocery store. Then, come back for it in a few hours and relish this cosy and self-saucing pork dish with your family.

6. Filipino Pork Skewers (BBQ)

Photo credit: Kawaling Pinoy

Planning a weekend movie night or throwing a small party in your house? There's no better snack to enjoy than the Filipino Pork BBQ. These marinated juicy pork slices are a certified keeper. Skewer them in thin bamboo sticks and get them on the grill. Once done, have everyone enjoy a perfect blend of sweetness, spiciness, and saltiness that will melt in their mouth.

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