We celebrate the festive season by bringing you a list of local and overseas Christmas attractions such as the Ayala Festival of Lights and Shanghai Christmas Markets. Get inspired and make this Christmas extra special by planning a trip to these places with your family now!

In the Philippines

  1. Ayala Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights3
Photo credit: Rappler

The annual light festival is back with a surprise: a Disney theme! Partnering Walt Disney Philippines, the light show will feature many of our favourite Disney melodies and characters, coupled with dazzling lights that will blow your mind away! Love Disney? Don’t forget to check out our Disney range of food jars and tumblers.

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  1. Christmas Street Light Musical Tunnel

Musical Tunnel2
Photo credit: Rappler

Imagine walking through a 1.4 kilometre long tunnel of Christmas lights – that is exactly what Christmas is like at Tiendesitas. Sparkling lights and lively music fill the area, making this festive season extra heartwarming and mesmerising.

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  1. Sweet Illusions at Estancia

Sweet illusions2
Photo credit: Megabites

Prepare to whip out your phone and capture some Insta-worthy shots at the Sweet Illusions Chambers. The various rooms are decorated with candy and dessert light installations, making every corner photo-friendly. Explore its four secret rooms or take part in the Meet and Greet Santa on all Saturdays of December with your little ones.

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  1. 71-foot Tall Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree
Photo credit: philstar Global

Enjoying your Christmas feast at the SM Mall By the Bay this December? Witness the 71-foot tall giant Christmas tree installation! Definitely an Instagram-worthy shot while you enjoy the seaside amusement park during the holidays with your loved ones.   

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  1. Giant Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival3
Photo credit: Spot PH

Located at San Fernando, Pampanga, the nightly exhibitions runs from 16-24 December. This annual festival began in 1908, and has been a tradition that involves spectacularly shaped lanterns with kaleidoscopic lights. Once simply made with bamboo and rice paste, it has now evolved to become bigger and more intricate.

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Around Asia

  1. Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

Yayogi Park2
Photo credit: kkday

Philippines does not get much colder in December, which is why making a quick trip to Tokyo is a great way to enjoy a cold Christmas. At Yoyogi Park in Shibuya, the area lights up in a sea of magical blue during Christmas. While you are there, stay for the light show called ‘Ao No Dokutsu’ (Blue Cave) as you immerse yourself in the festivity.

Find more information here.


  1. WinterFest, Hong Kong

Photo credit: Hong Kong Traveller

Great food, beautiful lights, cool weather… what is there not to like about Hong Kong during the Christmas period? Take in the majestic city view along the Victoria Harbour (views can be admired from Kowloon or Hong Kong Island) and watch the city comes alive in beautiful Christmas lights.

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  1. Christmas Wonderland, Singapore

Christmas Wonderland
Photo credit: Gardens by the Bay

If you haven’t had the chance to visit the Gardens by the Bay, now is the best time to go. During the Christmas period, the world renowned garden is transformed into a winter wonderland featuring a European-style Festive Market, an outdoor skating rink, carnival games, and magical luminarie sculptures.

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  1. Seoul, South Korea

Photo credit: Imagine Your Korea

It is not only the festive lights that attract thousands of visitors to Seoul over Christmas, but also shopping (Shinsegae Department Store; Times Square), food, and cathedrals (Myeong-dong Cathedral) that make this city so mesmerising. Extend your stay over the New Year and attend its countdown party with performances by Jay Park and other celebrities!

Find more information here. Catch the 2018 Seoul Christmas Festival starting on 8 Dec over here!


  1. Shanghai Christmas Markets, China

Photo credit: TimeOut Shanghai

If the European Christmas Markets are a little too far for you, then visit the ones in Shanghai, China. Expect baked apples, gingerbread, mulled wine and a festive glow in its many Christmas markets around the city.

Find more information here.

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