10 Different Ways to Cook Pork And Recipes to Try

Pork is a staple in every Filipino kitchen, but there’s more to cooking it than just boiling or pan-frying. Here, we talk about 10 different ways to cook our beloved pork and some recipes to try.

1. Cured

Curing is one of the best ways to add a punch of flavor to pork and make it last longer. Tocino is a popular Filipino recipe where thin slices of pork are cured and cooked for breakfast together with a sunny-side-up egg and of course, rice.

2. Smoked
Photo Credit: Girls Can Grill

Smoking can add a lot of flavor to pork, and this recipe of smoked pork adobo puts an American twist to the Filipino classic dish.

3. Roasted

Filipino roast pork or “Lechon” is our favorite way to cook pork Filipino-style. But if you just want to enjoy a good pork roast on a simple Sunday lunch, you can do this lechon liempo instead. Don’t forget to bring out your Thermos® Carafe for the drinks.

4. Broiled

If roasting proves to be too much work for you or you simply don’t have the space to roast an entire pork belly, you have the option to broil it instead. This crispy oven broiled liempo gives you the same crispiness of the skin and tenderness of the meat in more manageable bite-sized pieces. 

5. Grilled
Photo Credit: Hungry Hui

Grilled pork is such a staple food for us that you can find it almost everywhere. But if you prefer to grill your own pork skewers at home, this recipe is a must-try.

6. Steamed

Steaming pork comes from our Chinese influences, and it actually brings out a lot of the natural flavors of the meat while keeping it tender and moist. This Dim Sum style pork ribs will always be a hit, whether you’re cooking it for lunch at home or bringing it as a potluck to a party.

7. Stir fried
Photo Credit: Panlasang Pinoy

Who doesn’t love simple stir-fried pork anyway? If you don’t have the time to cook pork for a long time, you can simply slice it into thin strips, add some vegetables and stir-fry everything until it’s soft and juicy. You can whip up this recipe within just 15 minutes, so it’s perfect for those busy weekday dinners.

8. Braised

Braising works well with pork because it helps to soften both the fat and meat while infusing all the flavors that you’d want in your dish. This beer infused pork belly will wow you with its combination of sweet and savory, and its kick from the beer.

9. Barbecue

Barbecuing is still the best way to treat pork ribs because it easily soaks up all the flavors of the marinade and sauce. This barbecue pork ribs recipe makes everything simple by letting you create your own rub and sauce for that sweet and tangy kick that everyone will love.

10. Stewed
Photo Credit: Taste of the Place

Wrapping up this list is every Filipino’s favorite - pork stew. Perfect for those long, rainy nights, this recipe uses different traditional vegetables like long beans and chayote for that truly authentic flavor.


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